Indy Big Screen


Thank you for the interest in are family venture.

The Company call Indy Big Sreen was formed in 2010 in Indianapolis,IN 46224

We loved going to the Drive-in so much that we went every weekend untill it closed on us.

I work hard to the get equipment to set up a new vision for my family & Friends.

That' how it started

It seem to be growing interest because of the sad news of our Drive in closing do to new digital format so the equipment needed to upgrate and lot is more profit to sell.

We decided to expand out to bring portable theaters to customers.

To bring back the drive in experience to all.

 Then we found out we needed licensing and all right Legal paperwork + pay for the rights to show movies for a audience in 2010.

WOW !!! and that was alot per movie.

Now in 2010 are Family has the knowledge & experience to have great event's for the customers need's

Thank you !!!

Family Owned


Screens,Projectors,Sound Systems for any Event.

(317) 243 - 7982

5009 w. 12th st., speedway, IN, 46224, United States
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